Whats New For Carrera Slots Cars

Carrera has been offering exciting motor racing at home for almost 50 years. By using innovative technology, all the latest models from the world’s top racing series all made with a unique degree of detailed authenticity the brand name has become a legend in its own lifetime. So what is new for Carrera in 2010?

Carrera Digital 124 and 132
These products ensure racing will be closer to reality and tactical races even more of a challenge.
The Control Unit has the possibility to programme: slot online
Braking performance
Power (maximum speed)
Tank Capacity
Pit Stop functions
Pace Car functions

Only in combination with Control Unit
LED display indicating start sequence

Position Tower
Only in combination with Control Unit
LED display of latest race position
Information on each leading car’s laps having been driven

Driver Display
Only in combination with Control Unit
LED display shows tank capacity and allocation of cars as well as latest race position
LED control display for up to 3 pit stops in the Pit Lane

Carrera 143 Digital Sets
These sets are compatible with Carrera Go! and the digital racetrack system allows thrilling overtaking action and lane changing with up to 3 cars.

Mario Kart
This set has 2 fantastic loop sections, high banked curves as well as a tunnel for a great race between Mario, Luigi and Peach.

Full Speed
With the exclusive licence to produce the Red Bull RB5, Sebastion Vettel No 15 car to race against Ferrari ‘s F1 2010 Fernando Alonso, this set is going to be in big demand. There is a loop section and a double lane change section plus pass and lane change with the push of a button.